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Southern Railway Co. Depot
Southern Railway Co. Depot
Henry Miller Drug Store on 4th Street
Phoenix Hotel on Van Buren Street January 12, 1912
St. George Hotel on Geiger Street between 4th and 5th Streets
St. George on Geiger Street between 4th and 5th Streets
St. George Hotel with hotel hack
Looking West down 4th Street
Parade entry (Indiana Centennial in 1916)
F. H. Poetker delivery wagon. Appx. 1910
Kornrumph music store on Geiger Street (constructed in 1883 and now Chase Studio)
John Rothert General Store on 4th Street
Lukemeyer’s Grocery 319 4th Street
The Dufendachs: owners and publishers of the Independent appx. 1919
Model Pharmacy on NW corner of 4th and Van Buren
Model Pharmacy shown years later with Stork Hospital
Huntingburgh Brewing Company located at 1st and Main Streets
Leonard Bretz home at SE corner of 5th and Geiger
Jacob Geiger Home
Hoing House 207 E. 1st Street after remodeling
Huntingburg Furniture Company Plant 1 built in 1911
Ellsworth Ice Cream plant in 1922
Farmer’s Mill on corner of 6th and Jackson Streets
1896 photo of the Phoenix Hotel on NW corner of 5th and Van Buren Streets
Town Hall On Geiger Street 1890
Town Hall in 1986 after exterior restoration
Mail delivery 1914
1914 Huntingburg Post Office
St. Mary’s first grade school (before 1920)
Salem U.C.C. on the corner of 4th and Walnut (1920 with old parsonage in background)
Interior of the Salem U.C.C. 1900
Old Highschool 1882-1898 on 5th street facing South
Old Highschool 1898-1907 on the SE corner of 6th and Main Streets facing North
Elementary School On the SE corner of 6th and Main Streets (Old High School in background)
New highschool on 5th street facing South Built in 1907 (was later used as the Huntingburg Middle School until 1987)
Landgrebe House built in 1874 picture taken in 1895
1916 Entrance to the Dubois County Fair Grounds
The German M.E. Epworth League food stand at the Dubois County Fair August 13th 1914
Dubois County Fair Grounds (Now the Huntingburg City Park)
Huntingburg Babes (or Babies?) Baseball team
The 1936 Huntingburg Furniture Company baseball team
Uhl Pottery and Dry Pressed Brick Company 1919
Huntingburg Brickyard on Main Street where 7th street enters Main
Huntingburg Dry Pressed Brick
Ground clearing with horses and workers to start the building of the Huntingburg Public Library
Library construction at 5th and Jackson St.
Railroad Section Crew appx. 1940
Steam Locomotive in Huntingburg Yards