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UHL catalog No. 15
Catalog No.15 Cover
Table Of Contents
Bird Baths34
Bird Baths35
Cemetery Vases, Ribbed Pots28
Conditions of Sale, Table of Contents, Dimensions of Jars and Butters2
Demijohns, Keg and Liquor Sets, Ash Trays22
Flower Pots, Egyptian38
Flower Pots, Red39
Garden Pottery29
Gazing Globes and Pedestals37
Hanging Baskets38
Hanging Serawberry Jars, Bulb Bowls26
History of the UHL Pottery Company3
Hotel Ware, Flue Thimbles11
Ice Water Jars, Ice Water Kegs, Polar Jars and Water Filters8
Jar Covers, Churns, Churn Covers, Butters and Butter Covers5
Jugs and Kraut Weights7
Jug Specialties19
Kitchen Pottery14
Kitchen Pottery15
Luncheon Sets12
Manufacturing of Pottery20
Maunfacturing of Pottery21
Milk Pans and Covers, French Pans, Dutch Pots, Shouldered Mixing Bowls, Preserve Jars and Covers6
Miniature Jars, Banks, Novelties23
Oven Ware13
Porch Pots, Pedestals and Ferneries31
PoultryFeeders, Rabbit Feeders and Waterers, Dog Feeders9
Sand Jars, Fern Pots33
Steins and Stein Sets17
Strawberry Jars, Oil Jars30
Sundials, Compasses36
Vases and Florist Specialties25
Vinegar and Acid Measures and Funnels, Steam Table Jars, Restaurant Ware10
Wren Houses, Strawberry Jars, Frogs, Turtles27